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Friday, 24 February 2012

A new issue

The latest issue of the magazine has just been delivered. I always like to sit down with a cup of coffee, look through and think about what we did well and what we could improve or do better next time. I am very pleased with our cover this month. It's an original design by a local artist, Sam Purcell. Here it is in all its glory:

I know I always like to read about people, so we also included a profile of Sam and her inspirations.

Sam has the cutest dog ever, Lottie (above) who also loved posing for our photographer, Lesley Anne Churchill. This issue also included a piece about Heirloom recipes, which is an idea I started kicking around on the blog a few weeks ago:

You can read an e-version of the magazine at We try to mix advertising features (we are a free magazine so we rely on advertising to survive) with some general interest articles 
Now it's on with the April issue. I love doing the Easter one as there are so many pretty visuals around. 

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