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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cheer up, love....

I did two feel good things today. I bought flowers, as I was whizzing into the studio today, and could not resist these pink ranunculus for £1 a bunch. And I went to a Zumba class. This is dance-inspired exercise, so it's not easy for someone like me, who is about ten feet tall and with the co ordination of Anne Widdecombe. I suffer, I really do, but it's the jolliest class I've ever attended. Our tutor never stops smiling. She also has the body of a goddess, so we live in hope.....


  1. Wow what a gorgeous colour these are Julie xxx

  2. I love those flowers they are beautiful. I'm the opposite to you, being 5'2 I'm always the shortest in my Zumba class and would love to be an inch or two taller.

  3. I'd love to be petite, so I could blend into the background :)
    and no one would notice that I was going the opposite way to the rest of the class....