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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Baking day

I had thought the days of baking treats for my sons to take to school were long gone, but my eldest came home the other day and said that they had a rota for bringing in cookies to their history A level class and it was his turn (meaningful look in my direction). I know he'd really prefer it if I bought something, but of course, I am delighted to have the excuse to do a big bake. I chose flapjacks and banana fudge cookies from my Dan Lepard cookery book, Short and Sweet.

Radio and oven switched on, house to myself (bliss) and all systems go...

These banana fudge cookies are a first time recipe for me but the flapjack is an old friend...

I needed lots...they are always complaining that there isn't enough to eat in the house...and little brother is a chocolate fiend....


  1. They look yummy...Its nice to bake, even if they get demolished in 5 seconds flat!!

  2. Meant to say I Love those little bottles in your header they are gorgeous :-)

  3. Thanks, I think they are old photographic colours...they are also very dusty...I didn't notice until I'd put them up there.

  4. Have just had a happy half hour reading your blog. Makes me feel happy. Lovely to see Charcoal and cook book
    Your old mate, Ronnie